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 My name is Danielle Ramsey. I enjoy traveling, photography, writing, helping others, and challenging myself to try or learn something new that I might have been apprehensive about in the past. I enjoy life to its fullest potential and I'm grateful for each day that God gives me. Just a few years ago, I've finally realized what my purpose was in life, besides being a mommy, and today I am living it :)


 Throughout my life, I've had successful jobs in leadership, but none that ever sparked my fire! The income was awesome, but my soul was not lit at all, so slowly and inevitably, I lost interest. I decided to take some time off and really dig deep and do some soul searching to find what it was that I want to do and figure out who I really am and what really made me happy, so I did just that!


 I started a fitness journey as I have packed on a few unwanted pounds, and to hold myself accountable, I documented my journey on Facebook. I figured, if I put it out there, and let everyone know I was doing this, I couldn't possibly quit, too many people were watching me. So, I got to work, and I did not quit!  In fact, documenting my journey lit a fire in others to start a fitness journey of their own as well! I would get messages almost daily on how I motivated them to keep going, or how inspiring I was, etc.! It really blew me away! I had no idea my journey would impact so many and get a ton of people to start living a healthy life! How cool was that!? Knowing that really got me thinking about a career in fitness! I mean, I LOVE to help others in any way I can, why not have a career in the fitness industry? It just made sense.


 So, I went back to school and attended National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I became a Certified Personal Trainer 12 weeks later and couldn't be more thrilled about this new venture! I got to work! I started training, people were happy and seeing results and everything was fantastic, but I was only able to reach so many people! I wanted to reach out and help MORE people! I wanted to change more lives, I wanted to make an impact on the world!


 I wanted to take my brand and training to the next level! My dream was to brand myself and start my own company! God answers prayers, let me tell you! FitnessDani is my brand. It's a brand that helps empower and inspire you to be the best version of yourself through sharing my faith, empowerment, and health and fitness! I absolutely LOVE what I do, and everyday just gets better and better! Not only am I a Personal Trainer, I am also an Online Coach, Life Coach and Writer! I'm having the time of my life helping others get healthy mentally and physically while reshaping their mindset to living a positive life! There is no better feeling!

 FitnessDani has a ton of services to help you achieve your life and fitness goals and is constantly expanding! I started with my own fitness journey, and it led me right here, helping others believe in themselves and their abilities as well! As long as I am here, my focus and energy will always be to help others change their lives in the best way.

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