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What path are you choosing today?  Will it be Personal Training, Online Coaching, or will you be joining me for my next Challenge Group!?


Contact me to figure out which would be best for you!



One on one personal training sessions are 30 minutes to one hour long. The hours are flexible depending on the day. Typically, you can schedule a session with me from 6am to 7pm weekdays. Weekends are upon request.


30 min session $55


60 min session $70







Together we can create custom meal plans & workout routines for your specific goals. You can choose between 4, 6, 8, and 12 week plans depending on what you're looking for in terms of your fitness journey.


Prices vary depending upon your individual plan!



Every season there is an Empowerment group held for helping you reach your weight-loss and life goals. Inside this group you will get a clean eating meal plan, 1:1 session to help your write out your life goals and empowering you to bring your best self-day in and out while providing endless support, PLUS 30–45-minute workouts 5 days a week and of course group accountability! There will be daily challenges/activities for you to participate in and even a grand prize at the end of the challenge! Challenges are range from 4-6-weeks, cost $160 and includes all the above!


Like my Instagram page _FitnessDani and learn how you can join!!



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