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The backlash of self-growth

I'm most certainly not everyone's "cup of tea" and I am 100% fine with that. My peace is protected from within because I focus on what matters in life, who actually is FOR ME and not the other way around. I've allowed myself to GROW without the worries of others' opinions. - Yes, I've done a lot of growing in the last few years and I couldn't be happier with where I am now mentally.

- The only thing you need to focus on is bettering yourself for yourself and your family. Not what people "think" of you. That doesn't matter. When your soul is awakened to truth, so many changes will occur in your life. Accept the changes and EVOLVE as a person removing any and everything hindering your growth. Don't be afraid to grow and move forward.

- So yes, while this is a brave act, it is absolutely and inevitably NECESSARY. You will indeed have naysayers and people who you have to let go along the way, but that's what surrendering is all about. You surrender being affected by lies, unnecessary drama, fair weathered friendships and so much more.

- Internally, EVERYTHING will shift and from this moment on, you will love the choices YOU make and that's where the magic happens! So yeah, not everyone will vibe with you and your decisions, but at this point, you no loner expect them to. Continue to elevate. Blessings!

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