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We RISE by UPLIFTING OTHERS! Yes indeed, we do! I talk a lot about health and fitness. One, because I absolutely LOVE and am so PASSIONATE about this industry. Once you know what it feel likes to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, you can't help but to spread the word because you want OTHERS to feel as fantastic as you do! But you know what else I love? I love people with good hearts. - People who radiate positivity, people who are genuine, people who love to laugh and see the greatness in others. I can't get enough of people like that! - I believe in living a healthy and fit life but I also believe its just as important to have a healthy mind and heart. Just like when I'm feeling great about an awesome workout and share it, when I'm feeling AMAZING and super POSITIVE, I share and pass that energy as well! - Uplift someone today. Not for anything in return, but because you're a GOOD person! Trust me, there's no better feeling than making someone's day.

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