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"There is no force more POWERFUL than a woman DETERMINED to RISE!"

- Determination- The act of coming to a decision of fixing or settling a purpose. - The moment you become determined in your life about something is the VERY moment you've made a decision to become greater! Whether that's starting a new career, fitness journey, etc., you've put in your mind that failure is not an option and that you've come to CONQUER this new task at hand! What an INCREDIBLE feeling that is & EXACTLY how I felt when I decided to start a career in the fitness industry! - Has it been easy? Not at all! But am I enjoying my new journey? ABSOLUTELY! From taking my NASM CPT exam, to training in my own gym, to joining Beachbody, to becoming an instructor, in talks on becoming an Ambassador for an awesome supplement company, and now training for my first bikini competition has been one heck of a world-wind! - Once you have discipline, drive AND determination, NOTHING is impossible! Get out there and become determined to achieve your dreams, because as always YOU are entirely up to YOU! #FitnessDani #DreamChaser #GoalGetter

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