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Every morning I ask myself this question: "What am I doing TODAY that will get me closer to achieving my goals and dreams?" I feel that it's extremely important to ask yourself this question and here's why. - Everyday we are faced with what's in front of us and where we would like to be. Often times, what's presented can be quite comfortable, yet unfulfilling. And as people, when we feel a sense of dissatisfaction, we crave to do and want more. Working on your dreams consistently everyday helps to void the feeling of discontent and is replaced with a feeling of accomplishment! I know for me personally, I do not feel my best when I don't work towards my goals at least 5 days out of the week. Yes, I give myself a break every so often, but not too much. I've learned to create a necessary balance while juggling family, career and goals, which is hugely important and beneficial to reaching goals. (Keep that in mind) But ultimately, if you aren't where you desire to be, use that as motivation to continue to reach your dreams! - What are YOU doing TODAY that will get you closer to achieving your goals and dreams? Don't let this day pass without proactively working towards living a life by design! #FitnessDani #Entrepreneur

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