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Progression over Perfection

Trying on clothes today for an upcoming trip, I was able to fit a pair of jeans, COMFORTABLY, that I haven't been able to wear for quite some time now! Let me tell you how awesome and amazing that felt!

- When trying to make body changes, often times we rely way too much on the scale! Not seeing the number decrease can be so very discouraging. It's important that you know that ALL of your hard work that you're putting in on your fitness journey, the scale WILL NOT reflect that in numbers, but you know what will? Before and after photos, clothes that was once too tight now fit, inches lost, & body fat percentage decreased to name a few. - So ditch that scale, take your photos, measure yourself and get back into those jeans that you know you love! There is nothing like a non-scale victory!

#FitnessDani #ConsistencyIsKey

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