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"Exterior beauty, without the depth of a kind soul is merely decoration."


I'm not just a pretty face. Getting compliments on how pretty I am or how fit my body is is flattering and nice, HOWEVER, I have ALWAYS been someone who isn't phased off compliments of my outer appearance; when someone allows themselves to see my heart, that is a game changer!


Anyone can have a pretty face, nice body, "the perfect look", but getting to know someone on the inside is where TRUE beauty lies. Compliments on my integrity, my character, or my compassion for others is by far the biggest compliment that I could ever receive and it truly means a lot to me and here's why:


When being recognized for doing things I love or who I am as a person not only shows me that that person took the time out to really get to know me and who I am, it also has shown me that they see beauty from the inside and to be honest that's what matters mostly to me. Outer beauty fades, but having a beautiful heart lasts a lifetime!

#beauty #innerbeauty

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