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This has got to be the most DUMBEST saying I have ever heard in my life!


Why in the world would people who mean you absolutely NO GOOD be the people that "motivate" you!? Motivate you to do what?! Focus on them? Try to "prove them wrong" about something? Try to "do better" than how they are currently doing in life? Sorry NOT sorry but that is the mindset of someone who CLEARLY hasn't realized what the BIGGER PICTURE is. Being "motivated" essentially by HATE says a lot about YOU and not the other person.


I am glad that my motivation comes from people who LOVE & SUPPORT me. These are people who actually WANT to see me do well in life! My family, friends, business partners, people who help to push me to be my very best. That without a doubt is the BEST motivation!


I can not and will not ever understand the other way around. Maybe give that phrase some thought the next time you want to give credit to someone who hates you.

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