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Just Leap

How many times have you said to yourself, "I'll do this when I have that" or "When I have that, I'll do this" or "When I look this way or have this amount saved, I'll start this project" and so on and so on!?!? I know without a single DOUBT that I've said these things before...a few times in my life! And each time I've said them, the ONLY thing that I was doing was stalling the future that God has ordained for me by making excuses for myself.


We have to realize this: NO ONE and I mean no one is really ever READY for anything that may challenge them to step outside their comfort zone. Walking into the "unknown" can be a very scary and sometimes intimidating place, but there is no move more powerful than taking that first step! -


It's a feeling that can't described, but if I tried, AMAZING & INCREDIBLE are words that come to mind! Nothing compares to the feeling of working towards your dreams and goals. You won't have all the answers, but you WILL learn a lot along the way! Enjoy the journey, soak it all in and remember, you will face challenges, and when you do, learn the lesson because it all happens for a reason! -


So leap! Jump towards your dreams and always believe in yourself! On the other side of fear lies freedom!

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