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As an Entrepreneur, I have probably started my Fitness career, all that it takes to grow a successful one, at LEAST 5x now! I would get SO afraid to fail, or look silly because I'm not where certain people are, or not feel the support of my family and friends and feel REALLY down about it and "give up" because I would feel like a joke; Like everyone doesn't expect me to win, so I would just shadow myself and not take it seriously! This is how I honestly felt. -


We make our minds believe that we aren't good enough before we even crack the surface! And often times, this is solely just based out of fear. Fear of failing and not being successful.-


What turned it all around for me was God and Him telling me to USE my gifts whether I have one supporter or 1,000,000 | because that doesn't matter! What matters is that I'm operating from my HEART and doing what I LOVE and that within itself IS success and what my focus should be on!-


I wanted to share this with you all because one, I try to be as transparent with my life as much as possible and two because we all have a fire burning inside of us, a passion that we must TRULY tap into and give our percent all! Today, I dare you to TAP into your passion, LEAP into the unknown and TRUST yourself! You never know how powerful you are until you take that first step!

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