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Fall in love with YOU

Each day I get up, I look in the mirror and speak LIGHT into my life, LOVE into my life, & LIFE into my life. Out loud. It's essential to hear it; allow yourself to feel it and absolutely CLAIM it! It's imperative that you know WHO YOU ARE in this world and even more important that you BELIEVE these positive affirmations that you're telling yourself. -

Life gets busy. Often times there are way too many distractions, expectations and disappointments throughout the day and with that our positive affirmations we spoke into our life gets a bit cloudy and can tune out the most important sound we need to hear. HIS voice. -

We are who God says we are, & He says we're enough. Of course we could be more, but we're plenty as is. So delight in your light, regardless of the disappointments throughout the day. Spend your day expanding your mind to elevate in faith, love, relationships, work and life. The more you love yourself, the more your life will love you back.

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