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Be Visionary

It is POSSIBLE to live your dreams and to live life OUT LOUD and to live in your PURPOSE!


Yes, I am the girl who talks your EAR OFF about following your dreams because much too often, I witness people GIVE UP before even cracking the surface! I've been one of those people before. It SUCKS to actually believe that you can't do or become who God has set out for you to be! It is without a doubt one of the most unbearable feelings you'll ever feel! It's unbearable because the feeling eats at you for NOT following through! A great way to help you continue to stay on track is to have a vision, write down your goals (actually WRITE them down) and then execute. -


You are up to YOU! Nothing will ever be handed to you in life, and if it is, question it! Nothing in life worth having will come easy! Hard work, self discipline and faith will take you as far as you could ever imagine! "Ideation without execution is dilution!" Don't leave this year the same way you entered, don't go into the next year with the same goals! Think bigger, work harder and go further!

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