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Love the Skin you're in

Whether I'm 130lbs or 160lbs, I embrace my body while loving the skin I'm in. I have been both weights before, even being smaller and heavier and that's ok!


Thankfully, my focus isn't on a number on the scale. My focus is and will always remain on being healthy from the INSIDE out! I remember a while ago my focus was ALWAYS on what that scale told me. Little did I know that the scale would NEVER be a true indicator of how hard I work.


Fitness to me is a way of life! I workout to be strong, healthy, fit, to feel good about myself, to lead by example, etc! I will never remain one size for the rest of my life, but what I can do is always make sure that I'm giving myself my all, and with that in mind, that's all that matters!


Embrace your bodies ladies no matter how small or how curvy you are! We are all beautiful! Just continue to strive to be your very best self!

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