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The Slight Edge

You ever have one of those days where you just DON'T feel like going to the gym and getting your workout in?! You have these talks with yourself about WHY it's ok to skip this day, you've done enough for the week, you're just gonna chill and relax, etc!?? Of course we have ALL done this before and at times, it really is OK to sit a day or two out, we have to listen to our bodies. But in this case, it has nothing to do with an over-worked body, you're just being lazy and giving yourself lame excuses.


Always think of why you started your fitness journey. To get fit, to live a healthy life, to be your best self, to set an example for your family, and so on. The reasons you started should be the reasons to overcome that negative voice in your head. Always remember, with each workout, you are one day closer to your goals! Don't sell yourself short because you're feeling lazy! Get yourself up and get to it! No ones gonna do it for you! Be determined to achieve your goals and be DISCIPLINED enough to follow through! #YouAreUpToYOU #FitnessDani #FitnessDaniEmpowerment

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