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Green Light

I am the author of my life. Every twist, every turn, every up and down, I DECIDE what the next move for MY life will be and it’s only UP from here and by ANY means necessary 🏾


Knowing when you’ve made a “right” decision isn’t hard. It doesn’t come with confusion, doubt, fear, diminishing who you are or the feeling of not feeling like you belong. Clarity, peace, strength and acceptance are what you will feel. Often times, WE are the ones who stop our progression. Sure, it’s easier to blame something or someone else but we have to be accountable for our own shortcomings. Yes, sometimes you can be completely blindsided, but MOST times, we have been shown plenty of signs that the current or present situation we’re so “comfortable” in isn’t suppose to be our final destination. It’s imperative that we trust ourselves when we are given that intuition and follow through, no matter what you feel you’re leaving behind.


I’m on #Chapter35 in my journey and it’s been the most challenging so far, but TODAY, I’m feeling confident in putting the pedal to the medal...taking my life in a direction that has been destined for me since day one. I’m excited to turn the page, because I know that what’s on the other side is better than anything than I could ever imagine

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